About us

Ciprind was established in 2014, the upshot of the ideas and passion of active people who love their job and have a common desire to succeed, to make the grade, to become involved and assume the responsibility of going against the grain in a period of severe economic crisis.

Business started in October 2014 and the company soon began playing a lead role in the STEEL MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY, FROM ROLLING TO WELDING.

Ciprind immediately began investing in technology, tools and machinery but above all in people: the search for trained personnel, able to put skills and professionalism, but also great passion and tenacity at the company’s service. Such commitment led to the involvement of Ovidio Cipelletti in the company’s work team and to the start of production with excellent results.

Ovidio Cipelletti

From 1973 to 1987, he worked for James Massarenti spa in the drilling sector, in the technical department devoted to the drafting of pylon and mast drawings.

For the next 27 years he was employed by CIMA, mechanical metalwork fabrication specialized in plate rolling and metalwork for cement plants; he specialized in everything to do with materials for cement plants – elevators, thrust bearing units, conveyors, crushers and separators. Here he acquired expertise in materials resistant to high temperatures.

With Ciprind I have apparently taken a step back, because I have moved from large companies to a start-up. But I am much more attracted by what I do. Here, I not only design but also go to the workshop. I personally follow the realization of my projects. I see with my own eyes how iron behaves, whether what I have suggested is correct or if things can be improved. Before, I told others what to do, while at Ciprind I can keep an eye on the entire production process.

I wanted to retire and cultivate my hobbies, but wishes never come true. Dreams sometimes do!

Ciprind follows the ONE STOP SHOP philosophy.

The management believes it is important for its customers to be able to place orders with just one supplier: many of the purchases made by the company have precisely this objective in mind. Manufacturing excellence combined with the ability to cater to all the requirements of its customers have resulted in the company becoming an independent player in the fittings, piping and metalwork structure sectors in the more general sense.