Plate rolling machine

versatile and sturdy, one of a kind in its field of application

Our purpose designed and built plate rolling machine has a width of 1550 mm and a thrust of 350 tons.
This machine is one of a kind in terms of versatility and sturdiness; created to satisfy even the most discerning customers.

It is able to roll plates up to 30 mm thick over a width of 1500, but can reach thicknesses of 50-60 mm if the width decreases.

In particular it has been designed for rolling reducers, strengthening the shoulders with solutions able to withstand the huge axial thrusts which the reducers apply to the rollers.
The plate rolling machine is completed by an interchangeable 195 diameter roller, to obtain rolling with internal diameters of about 200 mm.

Technical specifications:

  • 1550 mm working length
  • 350 t thrust
  • 3 driving rolls (the upper roller is interchangeable with quick release)

Some pictures of the machine and examples of the production process: